[FIRST IMPRESSION] Alice and Zouroku アリスと蔵六


A mysterious girl named Sana has escaped from a top-secret research facility. With her captors in hot pursuit, she runs away to Shinjuku, where she comes across an old man named Kashimura Zouroku. Zouroku has a bad temper and a distaste for trouble, so when Sana starts talking about ‘wishes’ and ‘deals’ he immediately decides to stay out of it.

But he isn’t given a choice.

He and Sana are attacked by other children from the facility, which leads to Zouroku being taken into police custody for questioning. The whole incident is covered up to hide the existence of magic, and despite his initial reluctance he decides to give the girl a temporary place to stay. Although, the danger isn’t over yet…



Oh Zouroku, you know Sana isn’t just going to stay for a few days. It may be slightly predictable what the general theme of the show’s going to be (that is, the grumpy old man grows to love the kid), but it still looks like it’s going to be a good series. Either Zouroku will help Sana bring down the research facility or he’ll keep her away for her own protection, but I really like the ‘found family’ type of story – with Sana finding a home and Zouroku having another child to love. I like the fact that the characters are based on Alice in Wonderland characters; Sana is the Red Queen, the twins are Tweedledum and Tweedledee and I’m assuming the boy is the White Rabbit. I want to see the plot explore the children’s powers, really looking into what they do and why they exist. I’m guessing that we’ll get to see Alice at some point, especially as those powers are called the ‘Dreams of Alice’ so she’s likely to be the key to understanding where they come from. Judging by the first episode, this isn’t exactly a typical anime, more like parts from different genres rolled into one. You have the magic from mahou shoujo series, alongside mystery, adventure, and a dash of family feelings to take the edge off the fact that these children were literally experimented on. I mean, they’ve got to catch a break sometime soon… right?


Similar to:

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