Suffering from the effects of events in the first two series, Okabe is attempting to rebuild his life as a normal member of society. He chooses college over time travel, and doesn’t show his face in Akihabara if he can avoid it. Mayuri realises that not all is what it seems and suggests that he try therapy. But after what he’s seen, can therapy save him from flashbacks of the past?

Finally, he builds up the courage to go back to the lab, meeting everyone for the first time in a long while. Mayuri is happy that the lab feels more like a home again, but Okabe is still struggling. He can’t forget Kurisu, and he can’t forget the other time lines.

He attends a college seminar for a researcher he’s interested in, where he meets Hiyajo Maho: the researcher’s assistant. During his lecture, the pair announce that they have been working on an AI that will change the future… and it’s based on Kurisu’s research.


I’m not going to lie, seeing Okabe out of his lab coat is very disconcerting. It’s a small detail that really shifts the tone and you can tell in an instant that he’s a changed man. Although, he’s still Okabe and I can still feel a connection with the character. He’s no less of a hero now for needing counselling and medication, especially after what he went through.

It’s not very often we see the psychological effects that plotlines bring, so I find that interesting. Maybe we’ll see Okabe heal after his trauma, and maybe we’ll see an investigation into his mental health? I like how they didn’t just press a big reset button and everything’s fine, which is all too easy in a (pseudo)sequel to a time travel series – there are real consequences to their actions.

Seeing Okabe as an ‘adult’ now makes me realise that he is actually younger than me in the anime itself, even if his birthdate is before mine. That feels kind of weird to me and I’m not really sure why.

I will admit that I fangirled a little when Kurisu showed up on the projector screen and then my heart broke a minute later, but I highly doubt that she won’t be present in some form this season.

Similar to:

Code Geass R2 – both are sequels that change certain parts in the first episode, which make them feel familiar but unfamiliar at the same time. A storm is brewing and the threat of a new war is on the horizon.

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