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I just wanted to drop a message saying that my Japan blog is now active! You can follow my adventures living and working in Japan at IgirisuJen, but the latest post can be found at the link below.

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Life Update 5: Leaving England

Phrases I never thought I’d say:

“I’m going to work in Japan.”

“I’m going to a week long seminar in Tokyo.”

“I’m going to be living in Kanto.”

Over the last few months, those phrases had become commonplace, gradually becoming part of my new reality. I’m still slowly adjusting to that reality and even as I look at my plane ticket, my visa, or even my offer of employment, it doesn’t feel a hundred percent true.

But it is definitely happening.

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Reigen Arataka claims himself to be the next big thing in the world of psychics; which (considering he has no supernatural ability) is a bit of a bold claim. He runs an exorcism agency in Seasoning City, where he hires a middle schooler named Kageyama Shigeo for 300 yen an hour. Kageyama, also known as Mob, possesses real extrasensory perception so Reigen uses him to defeat spirits whilst pretending to act as his mentor. The duo ‘team up’ to help their clients but there’s one big problem… it’s only a matter of time before Mob explodes.

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[MINI REVIEW] Children of Ether Episode 1

On an abandoned subway car, a mysterious hooded figure launches their attack on a young woman. Under pressure and out of options, she unwittingly unleashes a power that derails the train, setting off an explosion. The woman (named Rhonda) narrowly escapes with her life, and when she regains consciousness she finds herself in an underground hideout being looked after by two children. She leaves hurriedly, not wanting to get the kids involved, and rushes to a temple where a local gang has set up base. Unable to pay tribute to the leader, Rhonda finds herself in trouble, until she reveals her identity as the daughter of an influential man… and the woman who’d killed him. The gang leader attacks her, which triggers her ability once more. Her power is recognised and she is granted passage through the gang’s territory.

Not knowing what’s happening to her, Rhonda searches for a mysterious person known as The Goat, who may just have the answer…

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[FIRST IMPRESSION] New Game!! (Season 2)


Suzukaze Aoba starts her second year at work, daunted at the possibility of being a senpai to the new hires… only to find out that there aren’t any. (Mostly) undeterred at the prospect of being the youngest in the office for another year, Aoba proposes that she takes on more challenging characters to design. Hazuki asks the Eagle Jump employees to pitch ideas for a game, but in the meantime, everyone goes to a hanami party. There, she announces that there’ll be a competition to become the next project’s lead character designer.

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[FIRST IMPRESSION] Samurai Champloo


A young man with a hot temper finds himself in a teahouse where the son of the village prefect is eating. The prefect’s son threatens one of the waitresses and she strikes a deal with the man to protect herself. The man, a wanderer named Mugen, launches into action.

Another man, a swordsman named Jin, saves a peasant from being executed by the prefect’s bodyguards. Jin arrives at the teahouse and is pulled into the fight after Mugen deems him a suitable opponent. In the ensuing chaos, the teahouse is set on fire and both Mugen and Jin are captured, before being sentenced to death.

The waitress, Fuu, makes it her responsibility to free the two men so they can help her find someone: a samurai who smells like sunflowers.

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