What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? In a world of airborne islands and anthropomorphised animals, a man named Willem Kmetsch lives on the outskirts of society. To avoid the island’s prejudice of ‘disfeatureds’ he keeps a low profile… until he saves a girl’s life. When promised a large sum of money, Willem reluctantly leaves the island and takes a military job to pay off his debt but it’s nothing like he imagined. He is given the role of caretaker for a weapons warehouse, but when he gets there, he doesn’t see any weapons. There’s only a group of young girls, and a couple of familiar faces.  It is revealed that the children are the weapons, and now it’s Willem’s job to look after them.



Now this is a series that would have all the makings of a harem anime if only the girls were older. It’s a good thing that they’re not, so we can hopefully avoid the whole Chick Magnet trope. That being said, Willem seems like your average light novel protagonist, from the special powers to the troubled past and even to the character design. He literally looks like Kirito from Sword Art Online, Haruhiko from Musaigen no Phantom World, and Maou from The Devil is a Part Timer! (just to mention a few).

I’m assuming that the opening scene is a sneak-peek at what will happen in the future, because the girl has Chtholly’s hairstyle with hints of blue in the red colour. Not to mention, Willem is wearing his military uniform.

The plot seems interesting, with just enough revealed to leave some answers for later. We don’t know why they’re using girls as weapons, what happened in Willem’s past, or why he’s the last human left. It’s already been established that there’s going to be a romance subplot but at the moment, I’m hoping that they’ll focus more on the apocalypse.


Similar to:

Attack on Titan – Large beasts threaten to wipe out all life, so the army recruits children to become the warriors of the future.  The hero of the story is humanity’s last hope of survival.

Granblue Fantasy – Both Spring 2017 series; our protagonist meets a blue haired girl with magic powers, and ends up joining her in a quest across a nation of sky islands.

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