In high school, many girls are preoccupied with finding their first boyfriend. So when Yuma starts dating Takeda, she’s happy… but also completely nervous. Her best friend, Hotaru, decides to take matters into her own hands and volunteers herself for ‘practice’.

Yuma and Takeda go on a double date with Hotaru and her boyfriend to a karaoke bar, and while the boys are distracted, Hotaru makes her move. Yuma hurriedly excuses herself but Hotaru follows, cornering her in the bathroom. The date comes to an end and Takeda walks Yuma home, kissing her for the first time. That night, Hotaru visits shows up on her veranda and after hearing the details, she pulls Yuma into a kiss herself.



I’m really not sure how to feel about this series. On one hand, Yuma and Hotaru’s relationship has the potential to develop into something real, but on the other there are some serious issues of dubious consent that make me really uncomfortable. Even if they did end up together, it doesn’t negate the fact that Hotaru is being overbearing and possessive. At the moment, I don’t think the destination would justify the journey it took to get there. However, this is still the first episode and a lot can change over the course of a season.

I’m hoping she backs off but it doesn’t seem likely.

I’m actually surprised that something like Netsuzou Trap got licensed by Crunchyroll because within the first few minutes, it was already bordering on ecchi. Previously, the only Crunchyroll ecchi I was aware of was Seven Mortal Sins, but maybe they’ve always had that content available and I’ve just subconsciously avoided it.

I do like the length of the episodes. It’s not as long as the regular 25 minutes, but it’s not quite a short format either. At 9 minutes, Netsuzou Trap is concise enough to fit into a quick break but still has the time to cover more ground than a 3-4 minute episode.  Thankfully, because it’s shorter than the average anime, I can still watch a series that I’m not 100% comfortable with without feeling guilty that I’m wasting my time.


Similar to:

Ore Monogatari – The protagonist is inexperienced in the world of romance so their best friend intervenes.

Aoi Hana – The main characters are childhood friends with definite relationship potential, but one of them isn’t sure of her feelings.

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