In high school, many girls are preoccupied with finding their first boyfriend. So when Yuma starts dating Takeda, she’s happy… but also completely nervous. Her best friend, Hotaru, decides to take matters into her own hands and volunteers herself for ‘practice’.

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[MINI REVIEW] Children of Ether Episode 1

On an abandoned subway car, a mysterious hooded figure launches their attack on a young woman. Under pressure and out of options, she unwittingly unleashes a power that derails the train, setting off an explosion. The woman (named Rhonda) narrowly escapes with her life, and when she regains consciousness she finds herself in an underground hideout being looked after by two children. She leaves hurriedly, not wanting to get the kids involved, and rushes to a temple where a local gang has set up base. Unable to pay tribute to the leader, Rhonda finds herself in trouble, until she reveals her identity as the daughter of an influential man… and the woman who’d killed him. The gang leader attacks her, which triggers her ability once more. Her power is recognised and she is granted passage through the gang’s territory.

Not knowing what’s happening to her, Rhonda searches for a mysterious person known as The Goat, who may just have the answer…

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The Time of Eve: Sci-Fi as Social Commentary イブの時間

In the future, probably Japan… Robots have long seen practical use, and shortly after, Androids come into common usage.

…Are you enjoying the Time of EVE?

Sakisaka Rikuo notices odd behaviour in his family’s housedroid.  Her activity log is the first clue, with irregular movement patterns and a strange phrase in English. Rikuo and his friend Masaki trace her steps and come across a cafe hidden in a back alley. The cafe, known as The Time of Eve, has one house rule: there is to be no discrimination between androids and humans. In that cafe, both humans and androids act the same. His morning coffee is the second clue, after she switches the brand without permission. Rikuo and Masaki start to visit regularly and get to know The Time of Eve’s customers, which challenges the way they think about androids.

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Portals between alternate dimensions fuse, and the five worlds join as one. The special ability known as Exceed was awakened in several young girls, who unite as a group called the Progress. Each world is unique with its own characteristics. The red dimension, Tera Rubily Aurora, is ruled by religion. The white dimension of System White Egma is ruled by science. Glynnesert, the green dimension, is focused on its military and the black dimension, named Darkness Embrace, is focused on magic. The last dimension is Earth. The girls of the Progress come together to defend their worlds from the approaching threat of enemies known as the Ouroboros. But as the dimensions converge, it’s only a matter of time before they self-destruct.

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Life Update (2)

In hindsight, maybe starting an anime blog in my last year of university wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. But, despite having to go on a second hiatus, ShannaroShoujo isn’t going anywhere. I’ve now finished my postgraduate degree, and right now, as I’m anxiously waiting for my dissertation grade, I’ve been thinking about where I want to take this blog over the next few months…

  • Regular posts

I have more time to devote to both watching and reviewing anime so I want to reinstate weekly blog posts. I’ll be fully adjusted to my new schedule soon so hopefully they will restart next week.

  • Different types of posts

I’ve recently signed up to Crunchyroll, which makes it so much easier to discover new series. Because of this, I don’t really want to wait until they’ve ended before writing about them, so I want to introduce First Impressions posts. I started a couple of simulcasts that I really want to cover while they’re still brand new so keep an eye out for those.

  • Different topics

ShannaroShoujo will always be first and foremost an anime blog. However, with a potential trip to Japan this year and more conventions opening in the UK, I want to branch out a bit more and cover things like cosplay, J-Drama, language and culture. I’ve already reviewed Hana Yori Dango, but as I become more involved in things outside of anime, it makes sense if it shows up on this blog.


Freedom! (Kind of)

A lot of things are changing in my life right now, after leaving full time education and working towards finally learning Japanese and visiting a language school abroad. Despite that, I’m determined to maintain this blog the best I can.