[FIRST IMPRESSION] New Game!! (Season 2)


Suzukaze Aoba starts her second year at work, daunted at the possibility of being a senpai to the new hires… only to find out that there aren’t any. (Mostly) undeterred at the prospect of being the youngest in the office for another year, Aoba proposes that she takes on more challenging characters to design. Hazuki asks the Eagle Jump employees to pitch ideas for a game, but in the meantime, everyone goes to a hanami party. There, she announces that there’ll be a competition to become the next project’s lead character designer.



This was a pretty good first episode for a second series. Admittedly, not a lot happened, but it felt like it tied the two seasons together really well. Every character from last season was given screen time so the audience was able to re-familiarise themselves with each one (which is definitely a good thing seeing as I haven’t watched New Game! in ages). It was just like seeing old friends after a long time apart. This episode also didn’t have to rely on flashbacks or summaries to recap the last season, preferring to focus more on the next chapter. And it works, because it’s a fresh new work year and a fresh new game to make. Despite it being uneventful, the plot progression for the next few episodes was set up and we now have a clearer understanding of what to expect this time around. There’ll be a character design competition, a new project on the way, and now that Aoba isn’t a newbie anymore; she’ll have more input into their creations. I also love that they’ve kept the yuri subtext between Toyama and Yagami, even if it will never happen.

Plus, Hifumi is still Best Girl.


Similar to:

Sakura Quest – In a female dominated workplace, a group of young women work together to achieve their goals.

Yuri!! On Ice – The protagonist ends up working with their childhood idol, but it’s not exactly what they expect.

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