Life Update 5: Leaving England

Phrases I never thought I’d say:

“I’m going to work in Japan.”

“I’m going to a week long seminar in Tokyo.”

“I’m going to be living in Kanto.”

Over the last few months, those phrases had become commonplace, gradually becoming part of my new reality. I’m still slowly adjusting to that reality and even as I look at my plane ticket, my visa, or even my offer of employment, it doesn’t feel a hundred percent true.

But it is definitely happening.

I leave to start my new life in just under a week’s time, and I’m not certain when I’ll have the chance to write again. However, like I said in this post, I’m not quitting WordPress.

On the contrary – I’ve started a new blog dedicated to my life in Japan. I’m keeping ShannaroShoujo as my anime/manga/drama blog and I’m introducing IgirisuJen as my Japan blog. ShannaroShoujo will be updated less frequently because I won’t be able to watch as much anime, but my actual total of posts shouldn’t go down across the two blogs.

You can find my new blog here so if reading the adventures of a British girl working in Japan is your kind of thing, please check it out.

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