Spring 2017 Anime: Looking Ahead

With a new anime season fast approaching, I’ve decided that this time, I’m going to set myself a few rules.

I’ve recently hit my milestone of watching over 100 anime and looking at my list, I have a bit of a diversity problem. Sure, my taste ranges from Akira to YuruYuri, but I definitely tend to stick to what I know.

So I’ve proposed four rules to follow when choosing what to watch this season…

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[FIRST IMPRESSION] Gabriel Dropout ガヴリールドロプアオト


When an angel graduates from angel school, she is tasked with the mission to live on Earth and study at a human school, to learn more about the people she’ll be protecting. Gabriel is a grade-A student and perfect in every way, and leaves Heaven as valedictorian of her class. But upon beginning life in the human world, she discovers online roleplay games and her reputation goes on a downward spiral. Other students at her school include fellow angel Raphiel, and the demons Satania and Vigne, and they’re left to handle Gabriel as her laziness threatens to get her into trouble.

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