[FINAL IMPRESSION] Spring 2017 春

For me, finding new series to watch in Spring 2017 was more difficult than usual, thanks to my list of rules that I’d decided to follow. But it was a challenge that I was more than happy to accept, and even if I wouldn’t have usually chosen a few of the anime I’ve watched, it’s definitely given me a break from the countless high school series out there.

To check out my first impression of each series, click the links in the titles.

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What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? In a world of airborne islands and anthropomorphised animals, a man named Willem Kmetsch lives on the outskirts of society. To avoid the island’s prejudice of ‘disfeatureds’ he keeps a low profile… until he saves a girl’s life. When promised a large sum of money, Willem reluctantly leaves the island and takes a military job to pay off his debt but it’s nothing like he imagined. He is given the role of caretaker for a weapons warehouse, but when he gets there, he doesn’t see any weapons. There’s only a group of young girls, and a couple of familiar faces.  It is revealed that the children are the weapons, and now it’s Willem’s job to look after them.

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