[FIRST IMPRESSION] Sakura Quest サクラクエスト


After a string of job rejections and only 980¥ in her bank account, Yoshino Koharu is desperate. She receives a call from an old business connection, promising a job in the country. But there’s one big problem… Yoshino doesn’t want to leave Tokyo. Reluctantly, she takes the job and travels to Manoyama to work with the tourism board and promote the town.  However, she has no idea what’s she’s getting herself into. She probably should have read the contract before signing, because what starts off as a short advertising gig ends up with Yoshino becoming Queen of her own independent kingdom.
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One year to change your life, all expenses paid… sounds good, right? For Kaizaki Arata, a part-time conbini worker, it seemed too good to be true. Approached in the middle of the night by an employee of the ReLife organisation, he’s promised a full time job if he agrees to take part in a social experiment for a year. Drunk and desperate, Arata takes the pill he’s offered, which makes him look ten years younger. It’s his job to infiltrate the local high school and act as a normal student, but it’s not exactly easy. His body is still physically 27 years old, and he hasn’t sat in a classroom for years. Add a smoking habit and a dash of alcohol dependency… well, he’s not exactly the star pupil.

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