Spring 2017 Anime: Looking Ahead

With a new anime season fast approaching, I’ve decided that this time, I’m going to set myself a few rules.

I’ve recently hit my milestone of watching over 100 anime and looking at my list, I have a bit of a diversity problem. Sure, my taste ranges from Akira to YuruYuri, but I definitely tend to stick to what I know.

So I’ve proposed four rules to follow when choosing what to watch this season…

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[REVIEW] Perfect Blue パーフェクトブルー

Mima Kirigoe’s agency has a dilemma. Her idol group, Cham, is struggling to make sales despite having a small but loyal fan-base. Their manager has his sights set on the acting world and offers Mima a choice: to stay singing, or become an actress.

She leaves the group, and lands a role in a TV drama, but not everything is what it seems. She’s pushed to do more challenging and controversial scenes, leading to her character being raped onscreen. As the script for the drama gets darker and darker, life begins to imitate art. The line between reality and fiction becomes blurred, and Mima struggles to determine what’s real and what’s just on television. Her paranoia is made worse by a new website surfacing, which follows her every move and pretends to be the ‘real’ Mima. Then, the people around her start dying.

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