[FIRST IMPRESSION] Tokyo Ghoul 東京喰種


In an alternate version of Tokyo, where beings known as Ghouls hunt and eat people, Kaneki Ken leads a relatively normal life. He’s painfully shy, but plucks up the courage to ask out a girl who frequents his favourite café. She seems perfect; she’s pretty, likes the same things as Kaneki, and she even seems interested in him too. After their date, he walks her home… and soon realises she wants him for completely different reasons. She’s a Ghoul, but before she can kill him, she’s crushed by falling scaffolding and dies. Kaneki wakes up in hospital, with a strange eye and a new-found thirst for human flesh…



I can definitely see why this series was so popular when it first came out. Tokyo Ghoul has some of the same elements from anime that became internationally known franchises and why fix what isn’t broken? Mix the urban fantasy of Death Note with the body horror of Attack on Titan, and you’ve got yourself a hit. I like the combination of supernatural beings with a modern city backdrop, especially when that city is Tokyo, so it’s showing promise so far. The animation looks good, especially in the confrontation towards the end of episode one. Unfortunately, Tokyo Ghoul’s popularity did mean that all the big plot points in the first episode were already spoiled for me so I knew vaguely what was going to happen, and I think that there would have been a bigger surprise factor had I watched it from Day 1. And I’m kind of wishing I had, because it seems like the type of anime I’d love.

I have high hopes for this series, and I’m hoping that I’m right.


Similar to:

Death Note – Dark serial killer dramas with a touch of the supernatural.

Durarara!! – A serious dark haired protagonist and a charismatic blond best friend get involved in the underbelly of Tokyo… but not everybody is human.

Attack on Titan – The protagonist turns into the very thing society hates most; an ‘enemy’ of humanity that eats people.

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