Cowboy Bebop Watch-Along {Part 2/2}

It took me approximately two weeks to watch a 26 episode series so clearly my binge-watching skills are slipping. Here’s part two of my Cowboy Bebop live-blog, but you can find part one here

Again, it’s highly likely that there’ll be spoilers so if you don’t like that kind of thing, you know what to do.


Episode 14 – Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Cowboy Bebop Drinking Game Rule #2: Take a drink every time the old men show up.
  • This was a nice peaceful episode after the two-parter with Vicious.
  • Ed was used as a valuable part of the team rather than comic relief.


Episode 15 – My Funny Valentine

  • I really want to see a more surrogate father-daughter relationship between Jet and Ed.
  • I’m actually very excited to see Faye’s backstory.
  • If this is set in 2068, and Faye was 20 when she was frozen 54 years ago, that means she was born around the same time I was.
  • Over 50 years in the future and free health care still isn’t everywhere.
  • Nice casual sexism there, Jet.


Episode 16 – Black Dog Serenade

  • “Not a world for smokers anymore” – this episode was released 8 years before the UK smoking ban, did Cowboy Bebop predict a change in attitudes towards smoking or was it already happening in the 90s?
  • I like how we’re finally finding out why Jet retired.
  • Ed really does love omiyage.
  • I wonder if the bar code tattoos are like prison registration numbers because Whitney had one too.


Episode 17 – Mushroom Samba

  • If any crew members shouldn’t be on drugs, it’s definitely Ed and Ein.
  • This episode’s taking from American culture and putting the cowboy into Cowboy Bebop.
  • Ed and Ein get their screen time while the rest of the cast is out of action.
  • There’s always a twist at the end so they don’t get their money.


Episode 18 – Speak Like a Child

  • Maybe you should, I don’t know, find a way of playing the video cassette before selling it?
  • The technology in this episode is dated now; with the series being almost 20 years old, which always runs the risk of making the show seem dated (I talked about that in my Perfect Blue review). But this time, it’s subverted by the characters not knowing what the video is.
  • Spike, stop kicking things.
  • Faye Valentine is the original vlogger.


Episode 19 – Wild Horses

  • Oh come on, she was born in 1994, there’s no way Faye wouldn’t know what a computer virus was.
  • I like how they have to rely on their own skills rather than using future technology to fix everything.
  • I also like the relationship between the mechanic and Spike. It’s almost like he’s a father figure.


Episode 20 – Pierrot le Fou

  • The lighting and the contrast really works. The dark muted colours broken up by bright red acts as an homage to the colour palettes of horror films.
  • …And it is closer to a horror than a sci-fi in this episode.
  • The crew has definitely settled into being a team now.
  • There’s the use of silence again, only being interrupted by fairground music, which makes things super creepy.
  • I feel sorry for anyone scared of clowns.


Episode 21 – Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

  • I do love seeing Jet as a surrogate father figure.
  • The background artists definitely earnt their pay in this episode.
  • The age gap between Jet and Mei-Fa makes me pretty uncomfortable. I wish the rest of the crew didn’t keep hinting that they’d get together.


Episode 22 – Cowboy Funk

  • Andy from Toy Story clearly had a son. This is a tutorial on how not to cosplay.
  • They keep asking the terrorist ‘why’… two decades later and we know that he wants to “send a message” without having to ask. We just don’t know which message.
  • Teddy had a point, but definitely didn’t make it the right way.
  • I like how Spike and Andy’s faces were drawn identically – it shows their similarities.
  • Casual cultural appropriation at the end there, but is it really appropriation if this was made in Japan?


Episode 23 – Brain Scratch

  • This is Sword Art Online before Sword Art Online was even a thing.
  • The Big Shot Girl reminds me of Akira Kogami from Lucky Star.
  • How much religious and ideological imagery can you fit in an episode?
  • And will the crew of the Bebop ever get paid?


Episode 24 – Hard Luck Woman

  • Faye, don’t just tie Ed to the top of the ship.
  • I just want to know what happened to her.
  • I’ve been waiting for another fight scene and we got one.
  • Saying goodbye was actually really sad.


Episode 25 – The Real Folk Blues (Part 1)

  • I was half expecting Julia to be dead by the time Spike got to her.
  • It’s the Big Shot Guy!
  • I would legitimately watch a spin-off of Faye and Julia bounty hunting together.


Episode 26 – The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)

  • No opening theme = serious business.
  • Spike and Julia really do make a good partnership. I ship it hard and they’ve only been together for like, five minutes.
  • Aaand now I’m sad. I knew it couldn’t last long but I was hoping for a little more time.
  • I got a bit of emotional whiplash between Spike’s grief and his brotherly relationship with Jet.
  • This is the most badass fight sequence I’ve seen in a long time.
  • I loved the use of The Real Folk Blues in the background, fading into silence. It made the whole thing very dramatic.
  • See you, space cowboy.


I’m trying out different post formats for when I move to Japan, so please let me know in the comments what you think of this kind of thing. Or, if you have any suggestions, they’re more than welcome too!

2 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop Watch-Along {Part 2/2}

  1. I like the format, it’s quick and snappy to read. Doesn’t beat around the bush, gives only the main highlights of the show. It did inspire me to try out and experiment with a new format.


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