[FINAL IMPRESSION] Spring 2017 春

For me, finding new series to watch in Spring 2017 was more difficult than usual, thanks to my list of rules that I’d decided to follow. But it was a challenge that I was more than happy to accept, and even if I wouldn’t have usually chosen a few of the anime I’ve watched, it’s definitely given me a break from the countless high school series out there.

To check out my first impression of each series, click the links in the titles.




Shino Aburame definitely got the last laugh in this series. Severely side-lined in the original Naruto storyline, he’s had the least screen time out of the original Konoha 11. But now, as the sensei to the next generation, he’s finally got his time to shine.

I know this is supposed to be the kids’ turn, but I can’t help but get a little bit excited every time I see one of the original characters. And they probably should’ve played a bigger role to be honest. Even if Boruto was the only person who could physically see the Ghost, he’s still an Academy student. Naruto was chasing lost cats on his post-graduation missions, so it was probably too much for his son to handle an attack on the village while he was still in school (Oh man, I am definitely showing my age here).

The first arc went from feeling like a new anime with a hint of Naruto, to feeling like the old Naruto… but like, a filler arc in old Naruto. It seemed more like a Studio Pierrot creation rather than anything Kishimoto had a direct hand in making. Now I’m just looking forward to Gaiden being animated.


Attack on Titan


Is it controversial to like the second season more than the first? Find out why here.


Granblue Fantasy


I’m definitely glad that they didn’t force a romantic subplot between Lyria and Gran, just because their lives are (literally) dependent on each other.  They both seem to appreciate everyone equally, which makes the group really feel like a team. The only exception is – of course – Lyria and Katalina, but they’ve been together for longer so it makes sense.  I really liked their dynamic across the series, and while I haven’t completely decided what kind of relationship they have, they genuinely care very deeply for each other and I absolutely love that. I also liked the dynamic between Io and Rackham. Initially unfriendly towards each other, I enjoyed seeing them grow as a team and eventually working together in the final battle. Yes, they still argued but it’s clear that they actually do like each other (in a totally platonic way).

Episode 12 felt like a proper shounen anime, with all the heroes combining their efforts to defeat a common threat. It’s a shame we hadn’t met some of the characters before that moment because it would’ve made it even better. However, it seems as though they’re setting up the story for a second season, ending with new characters and a new objective. Plus, we’ve only just found out big plot information, like the identity of the Black Knight and a potential lead in finding Gran’s father. Overall, Granblue Fantasy has been enjoyable so far and I hope we do get that second season to answer the questions left over.


Sakura Quest


While this series hasn’t completely lived up to my expectations, it’s still a pretty good anime so far. The characters are lovable, the art style looks good, and it’s one of my favourite genres. I enjoy workplace-themed anime because I’m at that stage of life now and it’s easier to feel involved with the plot. Sometimes it crossed the line from cautiously kooky into full on madness (I mean, a noodle-feeding machine… really?) and I think it detracted from the actual heart of the story.

Sure, this is a show about five girls trying to restore a town to its former glory, but it’s really about those girls coming to terms with life not being what they expected and figuring out where they stand in the world. And that’s a pretty big topic to cover. I’d initially thought that Yoshino would be my favourite character, given that I could sort of relate, but I fell in love with Sanae Kouzuki. She’s a blogger, dreams of something better, and we look a bit alike. We’re even around the same height. She’s like the better, anime version of me and I may be biased, but I just want to see her happy.


Asagao to Kase-san


Sugary sweet and absolutely adorable, this yuri love story got me grinning like an idiot. For a full review, click here.


Alice and Zouroku


I wasn’t completely sure what to expect coming into this series, because it felt like a mash-up of different tropes and genres, but whatever I did expect wasn’t particularly what I got. I thought we could see Zouroku team up with Sana to bring down the research facility but the majority of that was taken care off behind the scenes as Sana adjusted to life living with the Kashimuras. As a result, it doesn’t perform to its full potential. The series has an interesting premise with the magical girls being monitored and tested on rather than left to their own devices. It had the opportunity to go down the Puella Magi Madoka Magica route and make the story dark but instead chose to stick with a cute family drama. I like the idea of both but it might have been better to have more of a balance to create some emotional whiplash and show Sana’s confusion about settling into her new family.


What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?


Now I usually try to avoid light novel adaptations, but that title was too odd to pass up. But even if the title was extraordinary, the rest was, well… ordinary.

I’m a sucker for a circular narrative, and seeing Willem relive parts of his past was probably my favourite thing of the entire series. He became the guardian of the leprechauns, just as he was the guardian for the children in the orphanage.  He promised to make butter cake for Ctholly, just as Almaria had done for him. And he fought for humanity, just as he had done before. Ctholly’s breakdown really reminded me of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, with contrasting the art and showing the despair of a girl who hates having to fight all the time. Even if the story mainly revolved around Willem and Ctholly, I grew more attached to the younger leprechauns.


Overall, the majority of series I watched in Spring 2017 have been decent, but nothing completely spectacular. My absolute favourite this time was the Attack on Titan sequel, which completely blew me away and actually made me count down the days until the next episode. I’ll be continuing Sakura Quest and Boruto into Summer 2017, so watch out for a more in-depth review once they’ve finished…

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One thought on “[FINAL IMPRESSION] Spring 2017 春

  1. I do like the format!! :D. The only show that I managed to finish watching is gran blue. It’s pretty much a shonen show, considering that it’s based off a video game. I meant to finish off suka suka (worlds end), but somehow trailed off at the end. Do need to finish that one off.

    In all good post!!!.


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