[FIRST IMPRESSION] Granblue Fantasy: The Animation


Lyria and Katalina are on the run from the Erste Empire. When the airship they’re on explodes, Lyria falls, landing on the island of Zinkenstill. She is found by Gran, a brave but average boy who lives nearby. He swears to help Lyria, and they leave Gran’s village to reunite her with Katalina. Once they find her they run into trouble, so Gran impulsively sacrifices himself to protect his new allies. Then it’s Lyria’s turn to save him in return and she unleashes her magical power to bring him back to life.


I’m not going to lie, my first thought watching the first episode was “Oh wow, new ship.” And Gran wasn’t even in the picture yet. I may have the power to find yuri in almost everything, but at less than 30 seconds, this is a new record time. I have very low hopes for Lyria/Katalina to actually happen but I propose the portmanteau Katalyria if it does (And if it doesn’t… after all, fanfiction still exists). Katalina comes across as the prince-type character, like Sailor Moon’s Haruka Tenoh, but more her Sailor Uranus side because she’s actually a soldier. Because of that, there are really no prizes for guessing who my favourite is at the moment. I’m really liking the art style so far, with its more ‘sketchy’ lines. It makes the whole atmosphere of the show feel more fantastical, which suits the plot and setting perfectly. I liked the fact that Lyria didn’t just give Gran her power, but shared it. That way they’re more likely to be equal in terms of not only ability, but in screen time as well. Otherwise, it could feel like Gran stealing the spotlight as the ‘chosen’ protagonist, instead of letting the other characters shine.


Similar to:

Izetta the Last Witch – A girl with magical powers is imprisoned by a nation who sees her as a weapon. While in transit, a noble woman helps her escape, and then the adventure begins.

Sword Art OnlineGranblue Fantasy may not be set inside a video game, but being based on one, it still has the same RPG feel. The plotline may be different, but the atmosphere is the same.

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