Spring 2017 Anime: Looking Ahead

With a new anime season fast approaching, I’ve decided that this time, I’m going to set myself a few rules.

I’ve recently hit my milestone of watching over 100 anime and looking at my list, I have a bit of a diversity problem. Sure, my taste ranges from Akira to YuruYuri, but I definitely tend to stick to what I know.

So I’ve proposed four rules to follow when choosing what to watch this season…


1.) No high school anime

Out of 100+ anime, nearly a third of those are series based in a high school. It may be difficult to avoid shows like that (especially in today’s anime environment) but I think it’d be interesting to actively try to do so. I’ve seen enough to last me for now, so I don’t think that I’d miss it too much. For me, a turning point was realising that when I started properly watching anime, I was the same age as the students in the shows I liked. Now, in Interviews with Monster Girls, I’m around the same age as one of the teachers.


2.) No short-format anime

Even if – at around 5 minutes per episode – short-format anime are ridiculously easy to fit into any schedule, I’m not planning on watching any this season. Sometimes, I’m guilty of watching them just to put another title under my proverbial belt, and I want to avoid that for definite this time. Besides, there’s not much to say about these kind of series because either nothing happens or they’re just plain average. I think it may be best to skip them for a season and see if I want to go back to them afterwards.


3.) Try at least one series you wouldn’t usually try.

I’m probably going to need my best friend’s help on this one because we have quite different tastes in anime. And, the last time she recommended me a series out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed it. I think it’s important to keep an open mind and not watch the same old stuff all the time, especially when writing about it on the internet. After all, I might just surprise myself and find a show that I love.


4.) The other 3 rules are void if it’s yuri.

In a world where actual yuri is a valuable rarity, I’ve decided that even if a series breaks one or more of my earlier rules, there’s no advantage in refusing to watch it. Lesbian love stories in anime are often either treated as a phase or completely sidestepped and in comparison, yaoi series are much more common. Just look at Yuri!!! On Ice. It’s not yaoi, but follows the relationship between two men and quickly became wildly popular. All I want is for there to be a female equivalent, and I’ll watch as many yuri series as I can until I find it.


Which series are you watching this season? Are there any anime you’re particularly excited about? Let me know in the comments…

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