From the stars in the sky, to the stars on stage, Kasumi Toyama is desperate to capture that all important sparkle. As a child, she heard what she calls the ‘Star Beat’, an exciting sound from gazing up at the night sky. She is enamoured, and grows up keeping that feeling close to her heart. As she starts high school, she finds herself led to the warehouse of a pawn shop, where she comes across a star-shaped guitar and she instantly falls in love. One thing leads to another and she goes to a live event where local band Glitter Green are playing. In that moment, she feels the Star Beat once again, and decides that she is going to learn how to play the guitar and start a band after school.



So far, there’s really not much to say about this series. I’m assuming this will be Winter 2017’s general idol-type anime, filling the gap that last season’s Love Live Sunshine left behind. It’s okay, but has nothing that really stands out yet. This is the anime section of the BanG Dream multimedia franchise which stars the band Poppin’ Party as its core characters, and even if there’s nothing spectacular about the show itself, as a promotional project… it does the job. It has the ability to showcase vocal talent in both acting and singing, and could very well get people interested in the group themselves. There’s already a manga series in the franchise, but I think the anime format will work better as a way to show what Poppin’ Party can really do. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of idols, or even idol culture as a whole, but I’m interested in seeing whether this show will prove me wrong. Even if it doesn’t, the art style’s cute and the music is pretty good too.


Similar to:

Love Live – Both are idol style anime about schoolgirls.

K-On! – The protagonist may not be able to play the guitar yet, but they pull together a band anyway.

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