[FIRST IMPRESSION] Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club


They say that you never forget how to ride a bike, but in this case, that just might not be true. Maiharu Hiromi, a first year student from Nagasaki, transfers to Minami Kamakura High School in Kanagawa Prefecture. On her first day of school, she decides to dust off her old bike to get there faster, but quickly finds that she can’t remember how to ride it. Lost and confused, she bumps into another student on her bike. The student, Akitsuki Tomoe, helps her figure out what to do and how to get to school. Inspired by her new classmate, Hiromi decides that she wants to learn how to cycle again.



The absolute first thing I thought when I started playing the first episode was praise for the background art. There was more detail than I was expecting, and most of the scenery shots were so beautiful. Not only that, but it must have taken a lot of time to make the bikes look so realistic (in anime terms, anyway). One thing that was less realistic was Hiromi’s complete lack of common sense – I mean – who doesn’t know that you have to use the pedals? It’s not like she’s never ridden a bike before either. Hiromi’s voice actor, Ueda Reina, is totally typecast here because she’s already voiced the protagonist in biking anime Bakuon!! and both girls are ditzy novices to the world of bikes. There are definitely similarities between this anime and Bakuon!! but if we’re comparing the two, this one already seems better quality. There’s a foreign student in this series and I’m interested to see how her character is handled, because it’s obvious that she’ll end up being one of the main girls. I knew there would be live action segments at the end of each episode and I wasn’t sure how to feel about that to start with, but they’re educational without sounding condescending so I think they work.


Similar to:

Bakuon!! – Both are anime about high school girls and their bike clubs.

Long Riders! – First year students learn how to properly ride a bike and fall in love with cycling.

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