[FIRST IMPRESSION] Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 小林さんちのメイドラゴン


A drunken offer leads to an unexpected situation as Kobayashi finds herself faced with a visitor on her doorstep. She’s hungover, late for work, and the last thing she needs is none other than a dragon saying she’s going to move in with her. The dragon, Tohru, transforms her appearance to look more like a human, and she starts acting as Kobayashi’s maid while she’s at work. But she has a lot to learn about fitting in with human society, not helped by the advice of other dragons.



For a start, Kobayashi is definitely not your average Kyoto Animation girl. She doesn’t wear feminine clothes, drinks too much and rants about otaku culture with her friend from work. She’s an interesting character because of how normal she is, because she could literally be a real person in the anime community. This series does get a bit meta about anime and Japanese culture, talking about the difference between maid uniforms, lolita fashion, and cosplay. And that’s not helped by the fact that Tohru still has horns and a tail in her human form. In true KyoAni style (looking at you, Hibike! Euphonium), there’s promises of a tonne of yuribait after Tohru seemingly confesses to Kobayashi, but I don’t have hopes for it to go full yuri. Instead of using the studio’s trademark animation style, this series looks like it’s staying relatively close to the source material in terms of artwork and character design. Even if I prefer the KyoAni ‘look’, I still like the aesthetic of this anime.


Similar to:

Black Butler – While the tone is completely different, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an alternate take on the concept of a supernatural being pledging to serve a human.

The Devil is a Part Timer! – Unfamiliar with human customs, the protagonist settles into life at their new job.

Gabriel Dropout – Both Winter 2017 anime, both about learning to life among humans. They’re not completely alike, but if you’re enjoying one, you’ll probably like the other.


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