[FIRST IMPRESSION] Piacevole ピアシェ〜私のイタリアン〜


The job is close to home, perfectly timed, and at a cute restaurant… so what is there to lose? Nanase Morina makes the decision to find a part-time job to earn some money after school, and by chance she stumbles upon an Italian trattoria that’s advertising for new staff. She applies spontaneously, with no idea what she’s getting herself into. The assistant manager accepts her instantly and Nanase works her first shift, complete with a bossy tsundere manager, language difficulties, and the small issue that she knows nothing about Italian food.



I may have promised myself that I wasn’t going to watch a 4-minute style series this anime season, but this convinced me otherwise. The art style is adorable and the character artwork reminded me of Hanayamata: the main reason I started Piacevole in the first place. After a brief search through the MyAnimeList archives, I found out that both series share Watanabe Atsuko as their character designer (which explains everything). Nanase may start off as the underdog by her sheer lack of knowledge, but I’m guessing that she’ll learn fast, falling in love with Italian cuisine along the way. Like many other short format series, the characters will make or break this anime, because there’s not enough time to establish much of a background or develop a detailed plot. So far Piacevole just seems like a cutesy slice-of-life type show about the difficulties of fitting into a new job but they could also go down the educational route and teach the audience about Italian food.


Similar to:

Sekko Boys – Both are short format anime about issues in the workplace

Ore Monogatari – Piacevole reminds me of Yamato’s part time job in a bakery.

New Game! – Young girls start work at their first jobs.

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