[FIRST IMPRESSION] ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka


On the 99th birthday of Douwa’s king, Jean Otus reveals to his department at the ACCA that they could be shut down. Douwa is an island nation, split into thirteen districts, each with their own government offices. Jean is second-in-command in the Investigation Department, an agency whose job it is to oversee government activity across the entire country, travelling to each of the districts to carry out audits. When Jean uncovers a case of corruption, he’s put under pressure to keep his job as the political elite discuss cutbacks to the system. Something is about to happen, and it seems as though Jean will be caught in the crossfire…



The artwork of this series isn’t a stereotypical kind of style, and it’s refreshing to see something different. Even if I like that kind of thing, I’ve seen way too many high school girls’ anime over the last year so a change of pace is welcome. I’d only seen pictures before starting this series and I wasn’t sure if I’d like the more stylised art but so far, I love it. The opening theme is really catchy, probably my favourite of this winter season, and going to be a pain the butt trying to get it out of my head. The jazz-esque background music also fits perfectly. I like how all the explanations of the story’s background are quite concise so it doesn’t stop the plot from moving forward while they let us know what’s going on. The plot itself is interesting, with the concepts such as corruption and government cutbacks but the part that I really like is the idea of each district having their own identities because that will have an effect on what will happen if there isn’t an inspection agency to keep an eye on the district offices. Eider is right; will each branch become more distinct? This anime doesn’t spoon-feed its audience, and it’s up to small details such as cigarettes being status symbols to show the reality that the characters live in. It’s not our world, and it’s not pretending to be.


Similar to:

Joker Game – Political intrigue, with an agency being threatened with closure.

Cowboy Bebop – Jazz themed anime involving coup d’états, serious themes and searching for wrongdoers.


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