[FIRST IMPRESSION] Schoolgirl Strikers スクールガールストライカーズ


The Fifth Force is a special unit of warriors that scouts girls from its partner school, Goryoukan Academy, to fight against creatures called O’buri. O’buri come from a distortion in space-time and it’s up to the soldiers to defend against their oncoming threat.

Action meets slice of life in this story of friendship in the face of danger.


So far there’s definitely nothing original about this series. Highly reminiscent of a few anime released in the past year, the first episode feels like I’ve seen it all before. I’m interested to see if they prove me wrong, and I’m hoping they do. It seems as though there could be more emphasis on their school life instead of their life fighting O’buri, but it’s too early to tell because the majority of episode one was spent introducing the world. Although, there is still a lot to be explained, such as why the O’buri exist and why they’re attacking. Judging by the ending, there’s an aesthetic for everyone, from bikini girls to maid outfits and armored mahou shoujo. There’s fanservice pandering already, including a shower scene, making it feel like a carbon copy of Ange Vierge. That makes sense as they’re both anime made from card-based games with a large range of female characters, but it would be less repetitive if they weren’t released two seasons apart.


Similar to:

Myriad Colors Phantom World – Gifted students are the only ones who can take down monsters from another dimension.

Ange Vierge – Schoolgirls try save the world by using their specific skills, fighting against creatures that could destroy everything.


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