25 Stereotypical Japanese Things I did in Fukuoka

While I was staying in Fukuoka, the largest city on the southern island of Kyushu, I tried to fit as much ‘Japan’ into my trip as possible. Even if travel to places outside of the city wasn’t exactly possible with how busy I was, the area still has a lot to offer. Here’s a list of the stereotypical things I did during my month in Japan…

  1. Wore a kimono
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Tried VR (Virtual Reality)*
  4. Used a fancy toilet with buttons… and a squat toilet.
  5. Went to an izakaya and ate sashimi
  6. Bought omiyage
  7. Visited a shrine (x2)
  8. Watched hanabi
  9. Attended a matsuri
  10. Drank sake
  11. Tried dango (and subsequently got addicted for the next couple of weeks)
  12. Made myself a bento to take to school
  13. Drank matcha
  14. Bought at least one thing with the regional mascot on
  15. Went to a cat café
  16. Was asked if I had a boyfriend by a gaijin hunter
  17. Went to a tachinomi bar
  18. Watched a stage show based on an anime
  19. Took a photo with cosplayers
  20. Watched a live action movie based on a manga (x2)
  21. Tried limited edition seasonal items
  22. Rode themed public transport
  23. Saw macaque monkeys
  24. Bought Nippon Professional Baseball League merchandise
  25. Visited a Pokemon Center


Obviously, this isn’t a definitive list, but those are just a few things that made up my Japan experience. For more about my trip, click here.

*not really Japanese, but it’s currently very popular, and often mistaken as Japanese.


2 thoughts on “25 Stereotypical Japanese Things I did in Fukuoka

  1. Truly you didn’t waste any possibilities to experienced modern and traditional Japanese life when you were in Japan.
    You tried so many Japanese related stuffs, other than VR.
    I wish I could get a chance like you.


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