There’s a banana. And a cat. The cat is in the banana. Don’t ask me how it got there, because I don’t know either.



It looks like TMS Entertainment is capitalising on the world’s near universal love for cats. Especially after the international introduction of Neko Atsume, the Japanese cat collection game, they’re more popular than ever. Very little happened in the first episode, and at three minutes long, only had enough time to quickly skim over the basic information. We now know that cats apparently live in bananas, and the main cat’s name is Bananya (a portmanteau of banana and the Japanese for ‘meow’). But past that, it’s pretty uneventful. The art style is very cute and the pastel colour palette makes it even cuter. It is perfect for children, because the narrator’s voice is friendly and calming. If this is a marketing scheme to get Japanese kids to eat more bananas, it may just prove itself to be a clever (but subtle) advertisement. Because who doesn’t like anime cats?


Similar to:

Aggressive Retsuko – Cute animals doing unexpected things, like working in accounting, or living inside fruits.

Hamtaro – The domestic adventures of household pets. Friendship is important, after all, bananas do come in bunches.


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