[FIRST IMPRESSION] Flying Witch ふらいんぐうぃち


Makoto is a young high school student, about to change her life. She leaves the city of Yokohama to move in with relatives in the quiet and unfamiliar Aomori. Ditzy and terrible with directions, her cousin has to watch out for her while she grows accustomed to her new home. Her other cousin is wary of Makoto at first, not liking the fact that she’s different, but all of that changes when Makoto reveals she is a witch who had moved to the countryside to start her training. She has to balance her education with learning magic because her parents want her to finish high school. She isn’t a conventional witch, mixing tradition with modern life.


Already, this series has turned the whole idea of a secret identity on its head. There was no tension, no build-up, and no real ‘big reveal’. Instead of feeling dull and uninspired, it’s actually refreshing to see an anime girl who doesn’t spend several episodes hiding her powers. While it works in Sailor Moon, including it in a slice of life series like this would seem too dramatic. The genre itself is subdued and any drama is downplayed, giving the audience plenty of escapism from the stressful parts of everyday life. Flying Witch seems to fit well in the genre, especially the high school sub-section. The soundtrack really suits the series, creating a really relaxed atmosphere. However, one criticism of this anime is that it isn’t particularly exciting at this point. It’s just enjoyable enough to continue watching but not enjoyable enough to binge in one sitting.

Similar to:

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Young witches come of age and leave home to improve their magic skills.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – While Flying Witch is way more toned down than Haruhi, both series follow high school students with special powers.


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