[FIRST IMPRESSION] Pan de Peace パンでPeace


Based on a four-panel series from the mangaka, emily, Pan de Peace is a slice of life anime, which follows Minami and her classmates as they share their love of bread. Minami is especially nervous on her first day of school, not recognising anyone in her class. Fortunately, she spots Yuu, a girl with bread charms on her bag. They instantly strike up a conversation, which is interrupted by Fuyumi, who had brought her own baked goods from home. Minami dubs their group ‘Bread Buddies’ and they bond over their shared interest.


While the vast majority of slice of life series are designed to give you the warm fuzzies, this one is definitely heart-warming, and is a welcome change of pace from the more serious shows of Winter 2016. If this were a full length anime, it could become too sweet, but thankfully Pan de Peace is perfectly portioned into bite-sized pieces. Because the original manga was in the four-panel format, short episodes are all that’s needed to capture the pace of the source material. While platonic relationships seem to be the order of the day, there also seems to be plenty of potential yuri to be offered. Childhood friends becoming lovers is a somewhat overused trope, but when recycled in the yuri genre, it doesn’t feel quite as tired. It’s far from subtle, but with a lot of lesbian content, sometimes it needs to be stated outright.


Similar to:

Oshiete! Galko-chan – Both are short length anime which show the friendship blossom between a group of high school girls.

Ore Monogatari – the girls’ love of bread is very similar to Yamato and her passion for cakes and baking. The tone in both series is very light-hearted and sweet.

Kiniro! Mosaic – Another four-panel series, with cute animation and plot. And the yuri undertones don’t hurt either.


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