[FIRST IMPRESSION] High School Fleet はいふり


Thanks to rising sea levels, the majority of Japan’s coastal lowlands have become submerged in the ocean. In Tokyo, two young girls vow to become Blue Mermaids when they grow up – crew members of ships dedicated to protecting the sea. But the positions on these ships are highly sought after. So years later, they enrol at Yokosuka, a girl’s school that specialises in training new marines. Misaki Akeno, one of the girls, is appointed captain of the Harekaze destroyer much to the annoyance of Munetani Mashiro. Mashiro had only met her that morning but had already decided she didn’t like her new captain one bit. And as if grumpy crew members weren’t bad enough, the stakes are raised when an ally ship starts firing… directly at the Harekaze.


Anime has probably covered every extra-curricular club at this point. From school idols in Love Live! to motorbike club in Bakuon!!, it’s hard to find something that’s not already been done. So going over old ground is likely to happen and it does in Haifuri. We’ve already seen schoolgirls take over battleships in anime like Bodacious Space Pirates, but High School Fleet is grounded firmly on earth and shows the potential to cover parts of seafaring that aren’t transferrable to space travel. The characters seem likeable enough, with the relationship between Misaki and Munetani being the most interesting dynamic so far. The fact that the cast is all female is great, and it’s enjoyable to watch girls grow as people. There’s promise to really show them chasing their dreams and achieving them and that’s always welcome in any series. There could have been slightly more explanation about why the Japanese landscape had changed, as it wasn’t really discussed within the episode. However, it is still the first episode so that may change later on. Even if it’s not the most original or ground-breaking anime ever, it is the perfect series to watch if you’ve just finished Bodacious Space Pirates and want more.


Similar to:

Bodacious Space Pirates – A young girl is thrust into captaincy, and has to learn how to lead a crew while knowing nothing about being in charge of a ship.

Kantai Collection – Cute girls and battleships, no further commentary necessary.

Hibike! Euphonium – The main relationship is tempestuous to say the least, but despite that, the two girls determinedly follow their ambitions.


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9 thoughts on “[FIRST IMPRESSION] High School Fleet はいふり

  1. This is the second overview I’ve read of this series and now I’m really getting curious about it. I’d originally put this one on the waiting list as there were other series I was more interested in, but now I’m thinking I should check this one out. Thanks.


  2. Gave KanColle a shot and ended up dropping it. It was way too like arpeggio of blue steel. If you haven’t seen it, then give it a shot. A pretty much under rated show that aired in 2013. It’s about girls that are literally battle ships in human form.


  3. Oh and Shanna, have you thought of jumping on to twitter?. It will give your blog some exposure to other ani-bloggers. I know some peeps and they are uber cool xDD. Yes there is a crazii pirate lady as well (with her own little stalker) just joking of course. You don’t have to of course. I can just direct you to their blog instead if you’re more comfortable with that.


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