[FIRST IMPRESSION] Bungou Stray Dogs文豪ストレイドッグス


Kicked out of his orphanage, without a penny to his name and with a stomach that hadn’t seen food in days, Atsushi was down on his luck. Desperate to stay alive, he vowed to go against his own cowardice and steal from the next person who passed by. But in a turn of events, he ended up saving a man who had tried to commit suicide. That man was Dazai Osamu, a member of the legendary Armed Detective Agency. Every member of the Agency has their own special ability and use these to investigate strange occurrences in the city of Yokohama. Dazai and his partner, Kunikida, enlist Atsushi to help hunt down a man-eating tiger that seems to be following him.



The initial PV promised a dark detective anime with a touch of magic to make things more interesting. And while the first episode delivered on that promise, the tone was so much different to what was expected. The use of visual gags and dialogue gave it a comedic edge which works well for the majority of the time. However, the treatment of Dazai’s attempted suicide and his self-destructive tendencies is almost as though it’s a running joke, and is too flippant for such a serious topic. That point aside, the use of humour is reminiscent of Kuroshitsuji in places, and as both series have an investigative aspect, it tones down what could be an overly grim anime. The characters seem well-rounded enough, with the contrast between Atsushi’s will to survive directly contrasting with Dazai’s will to die, even if Atsushi’s resolve isn’t always as strong as it could be. Kunikida is the law-abiding type, who wants everything to be in order, even if it makes him look insensitive. The rest of the Agency only turned up towards the end of the episode but demonstrated enough potential to give us a diverse range of character types. The voice cast is phenomenal, with seiyuu such as Hiroshi Kamiya in their ranks, so even if the plot falls flat, it’ll still be enjoyable to listen to.


Similar to:

Durarara!! – Anime set in cities where everything is not what it seems, where the natural and supernatural collide.

MekakuCity Actors – Both the Armed Detective Agency and the Mekakushidan are organisations where each member has their own unique power.


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