[FIRST IMPRESSION] Bakuon!! ばくおん


Sakura Hane is a young high school student, soon to be 16. Ditzy and naïve to a fault, she isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the box. But as she rides her bike on the first day of school, she witnesses Amano Onsa on her motorcycle – which are legal for over 16s to drive. Onsa sees her potential, and tries to recruit her to join the motorbike club, but there’s one problem- Sakura’s bike is just a regular bicycle and she doesn’t have her license yet.


As far as the protagonist goes, Sakura Hane can be extremely frustrating. Even though being the complete newbie is kind of her whole MO, she comes across as too dumb. It seems a little patronising, as if the audience can’t pick up information fast enough. The original manga demographic is seinen, so adult males are more than capable. The character design isn’t that original in places, as Suzunoki is almost a carbon copy of Karen Kujo from Kiniro! Mosiac. Both are voiced by Toyama Nao, both have distinctive blonde hairstyles and both have a fiery temper. However, despite both series having different mangaka and studios, the similarities would seem almost coincidental if they weren’t both licensed by Sentai Filmworks. Those points aside, the rivalry between Onsa and Suzunoki could liven up the plotline, and hopefully we’ll find out more about the mysterious Lime.  The artwork is pretty average, but Bakuon! probably isn’t the type of series to watch seriously, but to simply enjoy a bit of escapism.

Similar to:

The Rolling Girls – Cute girls on bikes. What more can I say?

Kiniro! Mosaic – If Suzunoki is your idea of ‘Best Girl 2016’, it’s probably worth checking out her twin in Kinmoza.


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