[FIRST IMPRESSION] Joker Game ジョーカー·ゲーム


The year is 1937, in the period between the First and Second World Wars. The Japanese occupation of Manchuria is ongoing, but the conflict there has triggered a full scale war between China and Japan. Sakuma-san, a lieutenant for the Imperial Japanese Army, was transferred to work with the D-Agency, a group of civilians trained in the art of espionage. But the world of spies is much different to what Sakuma is used to, and his personal beliefs and values are seriously challenged.


From the first episode, this anime shows definite promise. Sakuma’s internal conflict about how a man should serve his country is an intriguing topic to explore, and it would be interesting to see if his opinion of the spies changes over the course of the season. He may still believe that they are more monster than human, or he could assimilate and become one of them. The difference between military and intelligence agencies are starkly contrasted against each other but who’s to say that that line won’t be blurred? The political element allows the audience to really think about what’s going on and could be very engaging. A highlight of the first episode is the card game, and how it acts as a metaphor for the larger political picture. It’s confirmed that the ‘Joker Game’ will try to trap its players, but it’s Sakuma’s job to not get caught before his opponent.


Similar to:

Liar Game – Both series have one person with a strong sense of morality in a world of liars, whose world view has to change to adapt to their environment.

Death Note – The D-Agency is highly reminiscent of the Kira Taskforce; a group of regular people in an irregular situation. These two anime are procedural dramas with plenty of manipulation to drive the plot.

Showa Genroku Rakugo ShinjuJoker Game and Rakugo Shinju are set in the same time period, with the Manchuria occupation and war setting the backdrop for the story.


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