[FIRST IMPRESSION] Myriad Colors Phantom World 無彩限のファントム·ワールド


Only people with special abilities used to be able to see the Phantoms. But after a virus infected the nation, a widespread change in brain chemistry made them visible to everyone. The effects of the virus are still being felt in the next generation, with some children being granted the power to fight back against the Phantoms. Hosea Academy students with these powers are enlisted into the Neural Error Corrections Curriculum, and are rewarded for defeating Phantoms in the area.


This has all the makings of your generic harem anime. With the majority of the leading cast being female, with one hopeless hero in the middle, it doesn’t seem like the relationship development will be very original at all. The concept itself is interesting enough, which may overshadow the cliché romance arc. The visuals are great, with KyoAni showing the same high standard that is almost expected of them after their success with Hibike! Euphonium.  High school anime tropes are evident from the first few minutes, so it feels almost familiar.

Similar to:

Sword Art Online – harem style anime in a fantastical setting

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – both Kyoto Animation, both high school anime with a touch of the supernatural


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4 thoughts on “[FIRST IMPRESSION] Myriad Colors Phantom World 無彩限のファントム·ワールド

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